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Zoë Rasmussen AC'19 :: 7 Things You Can’t Live Without in Your Dorm Room

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Hey! My name is Zoë Rasmussen and I’m in AC ‘19! I decided to attend

UF for many reasons, but primarily for the social, academic, and professional opportunities offered here. I am a Public Health major and plan to minor in Spanish. I serve our Gamma Iota chapter as the Intramural Activities Specialist where I encourage others to stay active and try new sports. Throughout my time in college thus far, ADPi has made the biggest impact on my experience. Having a strong group of women in my corner who I can constantly rely on has made all of the difference in my college experiences- both good and bad, and I am so thankful for every second in ADPi.

As a freshman, I lived in Jennings Hall, infamously known as the Dirty J (which is very fitting). Going into college I knew I wanted the classic freshman experience, which included living in a communal style dorm. My roommate and I were best friends, and we became super close with the girls living across the hall- it was almost like I gained two additional roommates. Every Monday for The Bachelor we would meet new people down in the common area lounge, which allowed us all to form new friendships weekly. Also, the study spaces were lifesavers for the times we did not want to make late night trips to the library.

Some other things in my dorm room that I could not have lived without include my planner and wipe board. I relied on my planner for everything- from exam dates to socials, and everything in between, and my roommate and I would update each other on our schedules through writing on the calendar wipe board! Besides the things I used to stay organized, I also used many self-care products that made living in a dorm much easier such as: my shower caddy, Velcro towels, and face masks. The girls in my hall and I would make face masks together with apple cider vinegar and clay, which served as a great stress reliever and detox!

I also invested in a mini fridge so that I could store fresh fruit, vegetables, and other deli foods that enabled healthier eating. Along with this, my Keurig machine was also something I feel that any coffee lover will need in their dorm, as I used mine at least twice a day. I would not trade my freshman year dorm experience for the world, and I am so thankful for the memories I have made both at Jennings Hall and in Alpha Delta Pi!

Tangible Items List:

  1. Planner

  2. Calendar wipe board

  3. Shower caddy

  4. Velcro towels

  5. Face masks

  6. Mini Fridge

  7. Keurig

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1 Comment

Zoe Rasmussen
Zoe Rasmussen
Jun 06, 2020

So thankful to be apart of this chapter and for the feature! Love this Gamma Iota chapter with all of my ❤️

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