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831 W Panhellenic has served as the centerpiece of the Alpha Delta Pi experience since 1955, and has been maintained with care and appreciation for over sixty years. The Gamma Iota House Corporation, often referred to as "House Corp", is a board of alumnae and sisters who make decisions about the management of the chapter house. In 2021, our brand new home became our new central gathering place for bonding, fostering community, interacting with alumnae, and developing personal and professional growth. House Corp's generosity and dedication to the Gamma Iota chapter of Alpha Delta Pi has been truly inspiring, and all sisters, past, present, and future are grateful for the seemingly endless time, effort, and resources they have invested into our new home. Our beautiful home has been the perfect place for creating wonderful memories, and it will continue to be a hub for growing and thriving as a sisterhood for a long time to time. 


We would like to take a moment to express our love and gratitude for all the memories and experiences we shared within our previous house's walls. It was not just a physical space, but a place where we formed deep bonds of sisterhood and created lifelong friendships.

Though the physical space may have changed, we are excited for the opportunities that await us and are determined to create new memories and traditions that will honor the legacy of our sisterhood. Our new house is a home that is filled with the same warmth and love as our little white house with the blue shutters. 

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