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A Collaborated Post :: Zoomin' Into Recruitment

Dear PNMs,

You’ve heard it all 1000x before:

* Be yourself

* Go to the place that feels most like home

* Don’t let your friends influence your decision

* Find the girls who you want to be your forever friends

* These will be - your people-

That’s all true and really great advice but we really want to be honest with you:

We know it feels like you have lost all sense of normalcy, we feel that way too. We also know how much you have been looking forward to recruitment and joining greek life this fall, we have been in your shoes. And although one could argue that we got a “normal” recruitment, normal doesn’t exist in recruitment.

The whole process of Panhellenic recruitment is nothing short of unconventional. Think about it, you didn’t walk into all your friends’ houses at the beginning of high school and talk to their family to determine whether you wanted to be associated with them for the next four years or not. It’s strange, but we promise it’s worth it.

And this year is no different. It’s going to look and feel different as we meet and greet through Zoom, but the end result is going to be the same. It’s going to feel strange and unusual to you and its going to feel strange and unusual to us, but we are in this together.

We feel so grateful to be all moved into our brand new house this week and to be welcoming a brand new pledge class in less than two weeks! We have been planning all year for these next two weeks when we FINALLY get to meet you and introduce you to our family, our sisterhood, and our home away from home.

Even if it doesn’t feel like it right now, "life still works" and we still live for each other!


Isa and Annie

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