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Delaney Davidson AC'21 :: Sisters in STEM

Hey everyone! My name is Delaney Davidson! I am an AC’21 and I’m from Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. I am a civil engineering major and hope to add a double minor in business administration and dance. At UF, I am involved in Junior Panhellenic as a philanthropy delegate for Alpha Delta Pi, the student-run dance program Danza, and of course the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Outside of UF, I tutor high school students, put on science camps for kids, and I love to paint. A fun fact about me is that I am actually one of five kids! I have two older siblings and two younger siblings!

Joining a sorority in college was kind of out of the picture for me as a high school senior. I had no connection to Greek life whatsoever. My mom, sister, grandma, aunt- basically no one in my family was affiliated with sorority life. To be honest, the typical “sorority girl” stereotype did not fit my personal agenda. I was an academic girl with pursuits in engineering and stem-based work. Even my little summer jobs were spent leading science summer camps for elementary-aged girls where we would spend days talking about chemistry and physics. Even all through high school, I ran a STEM-based nonprofit. In my freshman year, I founded Girls Empowered by Math and Science (GEMS). A club turned non-profit; the club's mission is to increase the number of females in STEM fields by fostering a passion for STEM concepts at a young age. We target the hungry minds of third to fifth-grade girls through stimulating science projects that each relate to women in STEM. By the second year, the club advanced into a "Full STEAM ahead" summer camp. Our outreach began to spread through social media platforms and interactive websites with procedures of GEMS experiments. By my junior year, we completed the final steps to become a non-profit organization. GEMS has interacted with large corporations such as collaborating with Girls Inc, writing for local-stem-based blogs, working with Mayo Clinic, and teaming with NASA. I had a passion for education in the sciences. I just wasn’t sure if a sorority would support that.

While thinking about the rush process, I was not convinced that Alpha Delta Pi would foster my academic goals. I really had no guidance on how the process even worked. But I decided to give it a try... Alpha Delta Pi has done nothing but encourage me in all of my pursuits and celebrate me in all of my academic achievements. Whether it’s getting recognized by the entire chapter as an Alphi Einstein for the week and taking care of the cute, little, stuffed lion or gaining social points for attending planned study cafes that prioritize academic time and provide little snacks and goodies. Alpha Delta Pi even has our own academic advisor, Shae Johnson. Whether it’s concerns about a professor, assignment, or doubts about a major, Alpha Delta Pi provides resources for you. In fact, two of my closest friends and future roommates are ADPi stem ladies. One is on the Pre-PA track and the other hopes to earn her Ph.D. in Psychology. My friends and I spend our days in the diamond room working on essays together, offering a helping hand on a tricky calc problem, and refilling our coffee cups in the ADPi dining room because Alpha Delta Pi is engaged in your degree. Overall, I cannot thank Alpha Delta Pi enough for giving me a space where I feel encouraged to take on academic challenges, to double minor, to ace that exam, and to foster growth in my education.

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