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SK Lewis AC'18 :: Make It Count

hi friends it’s sk,

I am in AC ‘18 and I am a senior Event Management major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. I have drafted and redrafted this post more times than I can recall, desperately searching for just the right words to express my emotions. But the truth is, no words can ever begin to describe the love I feel in my heart.

Four years ago I was running home to what used to be that irreplaceable little blue and white house on the corner, eyes, and arms wide open as I sprinted towards my future. Four years sounds like an eternity when you know you have friendships, opportunities, knowledge, connections, and growth in the palm of your hands- but time has never flown by so fast. AC ‘18 was intertwined in the uncertainties of the past four years- we had no house, and then the world is struck by a global pandemic. We suffered the loss of many big and little moments together because of factors outside of our control. As much as it breaks my heart to think of the times we had stolen from us, I came to a realization on my senior bid day that we should be empowered by how unwavering our love is for each other, against all odds and despite what the universe threw our way. We will always carry around the feeling of knowing that we belong. We will always carry around the feeling of knowing we are a part of something bigger than ourselves. We will always carry around the feeling of knowing that a structure, distance, adversity, seconds on a clock, or age are no match for the unconditional love we have in our hearts for each other and for Alpha Delta Pi. I realized that while I am going to miss big moments- like date functions, homecoming, sisterhood events, or a tailgate, I am going to miss the little moments even more. I urge you to cling to those little moments: hearing your friends laugh, making a silly TikTok or Snapchat in between responsibilities, catching up with a friend as you snag lunch, stepping out of your comfort zone, and playing an intramural game you have no business playing, speed making plans with a friend when your schedule clears up or running into a friend on your walk from point A to point B. The most heartbreaking realization is when you realize this special time in our lives can never be duplicated, and the people we have come so accustomed to seeing every day aren’t going to be a scoot ride away anymore. Even though I wish I could get a redo and cling to these last four years even harder, my heart and soul are filled with hope for the future. The people I share my Adpi letters with don’t leave when you become old and irrelevant, they stay forever. They inspire you forever. They support you forever. They make you laugh and smile forever. They love you forever. Because if we can make it through the rollercoaster of these last four years without doubting the power of our sisterhood, then the big girl world is no match for us either. Hold tight to the thoughts and feelings of those around you and never let someone go a day without knowing you love them. Hug that friend who hates hugs. Stay a little longer at lunch or dinner just to catch up. But most importantly, never let a moment of time go by without a feeling of gratitude, celebrating life itself, and knowing that you have a home in Alpha Delta Pi forever.

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