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Brooke Richards AC'18 :: Two Is Better Than One

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Hi! My name is Brooke Richards and I am a senior psychology student at UF. I am from Orlando and I have a twin brother who plays football at Stetson University. I love spending time with my friends, cooking, exercising, and writing in my free time. I ran home to ADPi last year, and I am a proud member of Alpha Class 2018!! After graduation in May (wow, that’s terrifying), I plan to pursue a master’s degree in mental health counseling and family/marriage therapy. If you know me, you know I am obsessed with coffee, handwritten notes, and the most recent additions to my life, my littles: Anna and Lauren.

When I joined Alpha Delta Pi, I had high hopes that it would bring me the best friendships, fruitful community, and memories that would last me a lifetime. I can confidently say I have found all those things and so much more. As soon as I opened my eyes to see my wonderful big, Kaitlyn, I couldn’t help but think about having a little (or two) of my own one day.

I love how I have been able to develop a unique and special bond with each of them, and I can see the same bonds between the two of them. It’s amazing how two people can go from being complete strangers, in two different grades, from different cities, and end up being the best of friends—even to the point that they are living with each other next year!

Anna and Lauren have blessed my life in more ways than they know, and I am certain our friendship will go far beyond college. They push me to be a better person, they encourage me, and they make me feel like the luckiest big in the world. I say it all the time, but I do not know how I did life without them. It’s so fun and rewarding to think about the fact that they they will both be standing next to me on my wedding day and I will get to walk through each stage of life with them, as my life-long, best friends.

I am so grateful that Alpha Delta Pi gave me two of my very best friends.

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