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Chase Rocker AC'18 :: Passion to Purpose

My name is Chase Rocker. I am currently going into my Junior year as a Marketing major and Disabilities minor at the University of Florida. UF has opened up so many opportunities for me, including becoming a volunteer at Shand’s Children’s Hospital through Dream Team, mentoring in classrooms with children learning to work through behavioral and anger management issues, building meaningful relationships with special needs children through various programs, becoming a member and holding positions in Alpha Delta Pi, and recently getting the opportunity to intern for United Way. All of these opportunities have allowed me to surround myself with incredible people from all walks of life that have taught me so much, not only about myself, but about what it means to truly live for other people.

Interning for United Way has also opened up the door for me to give back to my community, while at the same time helping me to develop and grow my marketing and communications skills. United Way is a non-profit organization that focuses on the health, education, and financial stability of people in the local community who need assistance in these areas. We work hard to raise money for all of these efforts through fundraisers and organized events such as food drives and food distributions for the community. Working these events every weekend has been one of the best parts of the internship because I am able to see the direct and tangible impact that I am making on people’s lives. Each weekend working at the food distribution events, we were able to give out 26,000 meals to families and individuals in need. Being a part of something like this is truly meaningful to me.

I am specifically working for United Way in the marketing and communications sector to help run social media campaigns across various platforms, increase the engagement and reach of donors, and create an extensive annual report for the organization. These projects have allowed me to use my own ideas to create content and expand the marketing efforts for United Way.

Overall, I am extremely grateful to be a part of an internship that has provided me with both marketing and communications experience and that has also allowed me to give back to the community. United Way has given me so many opportunities to increase my personal skills, knowledge, and gain professional experience in the field that I will someday have a career in. I have learned that having the ability to adapt with changes around me, step up when and opportunity presents itself, and sit back in humility when it is time to learn from others is what allows me to personally grow and expand my understanding.

I have always been driven to expand my skills and reach for opportunities, but the incredible women that I have met through Alpha Delta Pi are the ones who have truly pushed me to reach for the stars, even throughout my freshman year. I am so thankful to be surrounded by so many incredible, hardworking, and inspiring women that have constantly encouraged me to turn my passions into purposeful work and to be the best version of myself. I can truly say that I would not be who I am, reaching for things I once thought were too far away, without the love and support that they have given me. It is not often in life that you find people that truly want the best for you and are so willing to put in their own time and energy to help you get where you are going. I have been blessed enough to find that with so many of my friends in Alpha Delta Pi, and I truly couldn’t imagine my life without them in it.

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