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Delaney Lloyd AC'19 :: New Beginnings

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hey everyone! I’m Delaney Lloyd, a member of Alpha Class 2019 and a first-year behavior analysis psychology major and a communications minor on the pre-law track. I’m involved on campus as a UF Preview Staffer/orientation leader for summer 2020, the Ronald McDonald House Chair for Alpha Delta Pi, Student Government’s Young Leadership Conference small group leader and a Dance Marathon emerging leader. Even though my weeks at school get hectic, I am constantly in the pursuit of finding the best almond milk latte or farm-to-table meal in Gainesville. Cooking for others or watching reality tv with my friends are my two favorite pastimes. Every new year brings new beginnings, and it is with my most sincere heart I am thankful to Alpha Delta Pi for bringing me one of the most incredible beginnings to my journey at the University of Florida.

My entire life I have idolized important figures in my life. Whether that be my parents, coaches, or movie stars. Their achievements and stature have been earned over a lifetime of energy, talent and hard work. What leaves me more humbled and awestruck is being surrounded by sorority sisters that inspire me, drive me and support me with their talent, intelligence and pure zest for life and leadership. Now I understand how this might sound cheesy, trust me; but as I explain my connection to a few of my leadership roles, it is easy to recognize that nothing has helped me to grow as a person and as a leader on campus like the Gamma Iota chapter of Alpha Delta Pi.

The Ronald McDonald House is near to the hearts of every woman of our chapter. Philanthropy is one of the most important aspects of Greek life to me, and after learning about how this chapter has raised over $65,000 in two years for our local House, I knew that I wanted to be a part of a fundraising event of this magnitude. In front of Emerson Hall, where we hold chapter every Monday, a brick lies engraved with my cousin’s name on it. She spent the last two years of her life in the Ronald McDonald House and All Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati. She was supposed to be a Gator before she lost her battle to an autoimmune disorder, and I spend every day knowing that she would be proud to know I am surrounded by a group of women committed to our family’s home-away-from-home and who foster my personal growth like those in Alpha Delta Pi.

Preview Staff is something I have wanted to be a part of since I became a Gator. I want others to feel and understand how incredible this university is. Even though I can’t discuss Greek life with my students this summer, I can only hope they will find a community that even scrapes the surface of how ADPi has been for me. Since joining Alpha Delta Pi, I have been given the opportunity to step into leadership roles that I never would have dreamed of if it weren’t for the unceasing love and support from the women of my chapter. After a few short weeks in this chapter, I knew without a doubt I was in the right place. These women empower me daily. I am privileged to sit at dinner every night alongside future doctors, engineers, lawyers, bosses, creators, innovators, and leaders, all of which are embarking on their own ventures because they embody what it means to be both Gators and Alpha Delta Pi women.  

So as I said above, it has been easy for me to idolize the larger idols in my life thus far. That being said, I have been privileged to acquire two hundred and eighty friends through this sisterhood and countless women I look up to every day due to their passions. Alpha Delta Pi is shaping the face of leadership on UF’s campus, which I’m thankful to be a part of every day. I couldn’t be more excited to see the growth of this sorority while I grow personally throughout these next four years.

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