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Emily Rollins AC'19 :: A Freshman's First Homecoming Week

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hi everyone!! My name is Emily Rollins, and I am a freshman majoring in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology! It has been about two months since I got to run home to Alpha Delta Pi, and honestly, throughout these past two months, I have already made some of the best memories of my college experience so far. It sounds cliche and all, but I really found a home away from home here, and I am beyond grateful for all the amazing girls who have impacted my life so far. Shoutout to Hannah Blake for helping my indecisive self realize that, without a doubt, ADPi would become my home. You’re the best! Aside from being in Alpha Delta Pi, I also volunteer at our local Ronald McDonald House and participate in Dance Marathon at UF.

As I mentioned before, it has been an amazing two months so far. In addition to game days and socials, my favorite part of being a part of this chapter has been Homecoming Week. Throughout the entire seven days, the only thing getting me through my classes was my excitement for the event that was planned for that night. Monday was definitely one of the most fun. Around 200 of us girls and boys in Sigma Chi, the fraternity we were paired with, boarded buses wearing our tight and bright themed clothing, ready to head to our ~location unknown~. It wasn't long before we realized we were heading to Tallahassee’s rooftop venue Recess. The location was absolutely amazing, and the DJ knew exactly what to play to keep the mood up. The two hour drive was for sure worth it.

Wednesday night was another night I am never going to forget. Everyone headed to Downtown Fats right in Gainesville dressed up in their “Dad and Boujee” attire. I loved being able to see everyone in black dresses, baggy shorts, Dad shirts, and even wigs. Witnessing the entire chapter together bonding from dancing to taking pictures to laughing is a moment I’ll always remember.

The next night, and I know I have said this about probably every night so far, was also one of the best. The classic woodser was one I have looked forward to for a while. Hearing all of the older girls hype up how fun woodsers are, I couldn't wait to experience one for myself. We took a short bus ride to the cutest barn out in the middle of the woods where there was a small stage with a DJ, a live band, and some great food. Not to mention, behind the barn and between the hay bails was a haunted house (I may or may not have walked through the haunted house three times)! The set up was simply perfect for a woodser, and it fully lived up to and beyond my expectations.

The next morning, we all piled into the buses again and headed to the springs for a float trip. After a nonstop, eventful week, being able to tan (or burn) and finally relax as hundreds of college kids floated in tubes down a river was exactly what everyone needed. Finally, to truly top off this amazing week, the Gators took the dub against Auburn in the Swamp on Saturday!!!

All in all, I really enjoyed my first Homecoming Week with Alpha Delta Pi (Izzy Romero, you did an AMAZING job), and I can’t wait for all the friendships, laughs, and memories to come. This past week showed me just how close all the girls in this chapter are. I am so glad that, after such little time, this place already feels like such a home, and I am SO lucky to be surrounded by a group of amazing, motivated, loving, and constantly supportive women. Go ADPi and go Gators!!!

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