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Katherine Resavage AC'19 :: My First Spirit Week

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Hey everyone!

I’m Kat Resavage and I’m a member of AC ’19. I’m a sophomore and an accounting major with an actuarial science minor. I’m currently involved in Dance Marathon and serve on the academic affairs and community service committees within ADPi. I’m from Tallahassee, FL, and I love going to the beach, being outside, working out, and going on adventures with my friends!

We just recently concluded recruitment, and I’ve finally had time to reflect on Spirit Week and all that went into bringing home our amazing AC ‘20s. Going into the week, I was slightly apprehensive, as I hadn’t seen the majority of our chapter since March, and I didn’t know what our reunion would be like. Yet walking into our brand new house felt like we never left. I was overjoyed to see my friends again and everyone picked up right where we left off. Throughout the week I realized how truly strong our friendships are in ADPi. Not having a house didn’t alter our bonds last year, and neither can a pandemic.

Spirit Week also brought me closer to so many girls that I hadn’t had the chance to connect with before. The girls in my group, especially our leader Riley, were such mentors to me throughout Spirit Week and recruitment. We were able to catch up on summer stories and laugh about our outfits, while also gushing about each other and getting so excited to love on the PNMs. Seeing the way the older girls in our chapter loved and led so selflessly throughout the recruitment process really inspired me to be the best version of myself. In watching them humbly work, I’ve aspired to be more kind and intentional with my family, friends, and every person I meet. Spirit Week and the older girls as examples taught me that every single person deserves to be heard and be known, and I’m trying my best to practice that in my everyday life.

The love and support that I felt during Spirit Week was only amplified during recruitment. From my roommate, Caitlyn, waking up at 5 am to do my eyeshadow, to Lauren being a shoulder to cry on after watching our prefs video (because I just love everyone in our chapter so much, and I needed a warm embrace), I’ll never forget my first Spirit Week, and I can’t wait to love on those around me the way I was loved this week.

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Beautiful Katherine!

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