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Kathryn O'Halloran AC'18 :: Remembering Recruitment

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hi guys! My name is Kathryn O’Halloran, and I am a Public Relations major who just finished my freshman year surrounded by the best people in the entire world - it may sound bias but it's true. My ADPi sisters mean the world to me, and I would not have found them without recruitment.

Rush was something I had been looking forward to since middle school. I might sound crazy to some of you, but the idea of running home to my forever sisters decked out in my new letters was something I daydreamed about way more than I would like to admit. As high school ended and college approached, I spent countless hours picking out the perfect outfits and accessories. I stocked up on perfume and mints, necessities to anyone going through rush, and I even made a spreadsheet detailing each piece of my outfits. Looking back now, I can see how crazy this may seem, but I am a planner, and organizing is what I do best.

Just when I thought I was ready, my aunt dropped a bombshell on me: “Be yourself,” she said, “that’s all that matters.” Thank GOD for her. As I walked into every house and talked to what seemed like hundreds of girls the following week, I repeated this advice to myself. It saved me from losing sight of the purpose, to find your people. It made rush fun and even easy. I knew what I was looking for: people who would lift me up and inspire me to become the best version possible, people who would hold me accountable and keep me humble, people who would love me unconditionally and be with me through every joy and heartbreak, and, most importantly, people who I could count on for the rest of my life.

I am happy to say I found all of those things. My rush experience, though at times I wanted to cry in an ice bath, was fun. I met girls I am still friends with even though we chose difference houses. I grew to be way more confident. I learned how to talk to anyone, and above all, I found my people. Recruitment is draining, yet it is the most fun thing in the world if you are open-minded and remember that being yourself is the only thing that truly matters. No amount of perfume or unique rompers can make you fit into a place you do not belong. That being said, keep it fun! Pick out cute outfits and straighten your hair, though it’s not going to stay straight for long, but remember confidence is key. I know it is cheesy, but it really is more important than any snakeskin platform and perfectly-sized gold hoop.

I am not gonna sugarcoat it. Sorority recruitment is hard. You are running around in what feels like 1000 degree weather day after day with makeup dripping off your face, hair frizzing the second you open the door, and blisters forming from sprinting to houses, and sometimes you are even doing it all in the pouring rain. It is so easy to lose sight of the purpose, to find you forever sisters and home, in the whirlwind of outfits and coffee filters. However, the second you run off the bus, into the arms of your new sisters, all the blisters in the world seem worth every second of rush week.

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