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Laney McGriff AC'17 :: A Senior's Perspective

Hey everyone! My name is Laney McGriff, and I’m a rising senior from AC ’17. I’m a combined-degree student working on a Master of International Business, as well as a bachelor’s in Business Administration with a minor in Mass Communications. Although I have held a few different positions throughout my time in Alpha Delta Pi, I am currently co-serving as Fundraising Specialist with one of my best friends, Caroline Salvatore (AC ’17).

When I was asked to write this blog post, with the topic being “A Senior’s Perspective,” I took a few moments to reflect on the past three years. My initial thought was, how am I already a senior?! I am filled with gratitude as I remember my favorite moments that make up my college memories. Thankfully, I still have one last year in Gainesville and I can’t wait to spend it with all of my best friends. Below are some lessons I have learned from my first three years here – I will be reminding myself of these throughout my fourth year as well.

My first piece of advice: take advantage of the support system that surrounds you in ADPi. From the moment I joined this chapter as a freshman, I felt like everyone I’ve encountered has wanted to encourage me and help me succeed. My advice would be to reach out to someone who holds a position in that club you’re interested in or is in the major you’re thinking about switching into. I’ve learned that you can approach anyone in ADPi to ask for help, and if the person you ask can’t solve the problem, they will direct you to someone else who can. There’s seriously nothing we do better in this chapter than being each other’s biggest fans. I know I’ll always have these people to support me not only in college, but for the rest of my life. My second recommendation would be to go outside of your comfort zone. College is truly a time to explore your interests. There is something for everyone on our campus – from Student Government, to Dance Marathon, to Panhellenic Council and everything in between. Don’t be afraid to try something new and unfamiliar, because it could turn into the one thing you’re most passionate about.

And finally, cherish every moment. I realize everyone says this, but college seriously flies by. Try and remember to be present. Although we are in college to get a degree, school is just a fraction of my experience thus far. A few of my favorite moments have come from simply sitting at ADPi lunch for hours, playing intramurals with my friends, and cheering on the Gators in the Swamp. I can’t help but smile as I look forward to all of the moments to come this year, when I finally get to live with 66 of my best friends in our brand-new house. So, in short, soak in every second of your college experience. I know some days may feel long, but I promise the years feel impossibly short.

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