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Reagan Gursky AC'19 :: Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Hi loves! My name is Reagan Gursky and I am a Public Relations major with an outside concentration in Spanish oooo ~spicy~ lol, and have hopes to attend graduate school for my MBA. I am an AC’19 and am actually the Public Relations Director for Alpha Delta Pi at UF. I coordinate the blog posts and publish them for you all to read. I also update ADPi’s website and report to Panhellenic on all things that make ADPi just that amazing. Aside from sorority life, I’ve held positions on the castings and marketing team at Strike Magazine and am the social media coordinator for the club Random Acts of Kindness at UF. I am an avid reader, coffee shop enthusiast, chocolate addict, and most importantly, proud mom to my rescue pup Stella.

The majority of my life up until now has been pretty predictable you could say. I’ve always played it safe; I attended Catholic school for 10 years, decided to stay close to home by attending UF for college, and am still dating my high school boyfriend (long-distance might I add). In all honesty, I felt at a standstill in life. College for my friends was a time of excitement and I felt that missing in my own experience. This was all until I decided to take a chance and step out of my comfort zone.

I found my dream internship at a PR agency in Beverly Hills, California working with influencers and celebrities, and decided to apply - just for the hell of it, I told myself. I ended up getting an interview and then was offered the position. In a matter of just a few weeks, my life did a 360. I decided there was not one excuse I could make to not take the internship, no matter how crazy or nerve-racking it may seem. So, I accepted and am currently writing this blog post from my office at the Michele Marie PR agency in the heart of LA.

This is unlike anything I have ever done or could even imagine doing. It took three days and 10 state lines for me to get here. I decided I didn’t want to spend my summer without my dog, so my mom, Stella, and I made the road trip. Upon arrival, my mom said her goodbyes and wished me well. I normally would have freaked and completely rethink my decision, but to say I am loving it here would be an understatement. My life that once seemed so dull and full of routine has instantly turned exhilarating. I am filled with inspiration and drive to work towards my future and enjoy not only my experience here, but my life as a whole once I return to Florida.

Although it took this wake-up call for me to step out of my comfort. zone, I 100% attribute my perseverance to ADPi and the inspiring chapter women I am surrounded by on a daily basis. The energy at Alpha Delta Pi is transformative and infectious. Each sister has her unique talents and skills but our chapter remains unified in extreme compassion and determination for success. We don’t give up easily and we build each other up in the process, leaning on our sisters for support and encouragement. ADPi women have taught me to fearlessly pursue my dreams and to love so strong. Thank you to every single woman in ADPi Gamma Iota for being YOU. For caring as you do, for encouraging as you do, and for living fearlessly as you do. I would not be Reagan the California PR intern or the Reagan who is now relentlessly pursuing a fulfilling life. I love you girls and am grateful for this chapter more than you know.

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