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Shelby Steadman AC '18 :: Healthy Mind, Happy Life

Hey there! My name is Shelby Steadman, I am a junior Biology major with a minor in Health Disparities on the pre-med track, and I am the Wellness Specialist for ADPi. In my free time, I am either studying with friends at Wyatt’s coffee shop, watching movies in the fishbowl, hanging out with my amazing roommate, Karli K, in room 13 (come say hi!), or traveling around the state of Florida for my job working for an adventure company – Play Hard Florida. I love music, polaroids, Marvel, and Star Wars, and the beach is my happy place.

I became the Wellness Specialist for ADPi at the beginning of the year and am now in my second term. I have absolutely loved every aspect of the position! From a more casual side with running the wellness Instagram (follow @adpiufwellness) to having deep conversations with others during a wellness check, this has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I believe that mental and emotional health is just as valid as physical health, especially during such a stressful time in our lives as young college women. I want to be a resource for those who may just need someone to listen, a way to make worries feel valid, or be the person that helps someone get to greater resources that seem intimidating or scary. Everyone is going through something, and I want to be here for them.

When I came to school at UF, I was worried that I wouldn’t find my people or find where I belong. ADPi has brought people into my life who are here to stay for the rest of it. I have found the people I want by my side for the rest of my life’s adventures. I have Karli when I need someone to talk to or listen to T-Swift to, Cate for a Dunkin runs, Julia for an adventure buddy, Lindsey and Lindsay to study with me, Nicole for hikes, Allison for music finds, Sarah and Halle for the gym or random errands, and so many more amazing friends that truly make me a better person. I found people that lift me up and make me the person that a younger version of me would be proud of, and I am so incredibly thankful for that.

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