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Zeni Quinn AC'15 :: An Open Letter to My Best Friend

Updated: May 3, 2020

Hi everyone! My name is Zeni Quinn, and I am a senior from AC’15 studying Applied Physiology and Kinesiology with a specialization in Exercise Physiology. What a mouthful. During my time in Alpha Delta Pi, I have served as the Intramural Chair and as the Director of Social Enrichment. Both of these roles prepared me to be a leader on campus and not just in ADPi. With abundant hours of volunteering, research, and involvement under my belt, I would say that my biggest passion lies with Dance Marathon, where I now serve as the Morale Overall Director. I would not be able to be half the person I am for this organization if it wasn’t for the friends I made here. My last semester is filled with a bunch of exciting events, whether that is as small as binge watching TV in the Fishbowl of our house, or as big as going to our formal, Black Diamond. However, I would like to dedicate my blog post to the girl who made all of my years at UF and in ADPi truly memorable, and I want to share how much she means to me with all of you:



It’s me, Zeni. But you know that.

Well, here we are, dreading the use of the “g” word and being painfully in denial seniors. Throughout the craziness of the last four years, my friendships have been my constant. Especially you.

After raising some Venus flytraps, a hermit crab, and a hamster, I can confidently say that you’re my person. You became my person on the 4th floor of Jennings, and I didn’t even know it then. Remember when you got food poisoning in the Jennings bathroom, and we were in there all night? I remember how upset you were, and I didn’t know how to comfort you. I now know that when you are upset, I should absolutely not try to hug you. Lessoned learned.

Look at us now, going on the 3rd year of living in the same room. I couldn’t really tell you what I expected to gain from being in a sorority, but I never could have been creative enough to guess I would have gained someone like you.

Anyone that knows us knows we are not the type of people to stand up and say how much we love each other. We’ve never felt the need to confirm our friendship through sweet words, long letters, or even hugs. You’ve taught me how to love someone through the small things. Like when they know I’m having a rough day, and I come home to a bed that’s made or laundry that’s folded. Or when we’re both breaking down over finals, but for some reason, you still think it’s necessary to surprise ME with coffee. Or whenever I decide to try something new, you’re there with a homemade sign to cheer me on, no matter how busy you are.

I love you for having a personality as big as your heart, and your nostrils. I love you for how readily you accept not just me, but anyone who needs you. I love how even when it’s your chance to say “I told you so,” you’ll sit on our floor with me and never say it. I love how you make every single night in our room feel like a sleepover. I love how I’ve never had to tell you any of this until right now, but you somehow know that I couldn’t do life without you, nor would I want to.

Through everything that’s happened these four years, you’ve been there every step of the way. This’ll probably be posted when we are together, so just act like you didn’t see it and that way we won’t need to address it.

See you at our slumber party tonight, Beth Hermann,


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