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Alise Griffin AC'18 :: A President's Powerful Perspective

Hi there! My name is Alise Griffin, and I am a junior majoring in Health Science with big hopes of attending medical school. Thus far in my time at UF, I have been involved in Doulos, Junior Panhellenic Council, and Salt Company, all of which have given me the opportunity to develop enriching relationships both on campus and in the community. ADPi has played a monumental role in my involvement within these organizations by equipping me with the skills to go beyond myself and step into service. Additionally, as a member of AC’18, I have served on the New Member Committee, held the position of VP of Operations, and currently serve as the Chapter President.

For many, 2020 was a difficult year. Learning to cope with and navigate a pandemic brought an ocean of mixed feelings, on top of the typical ups and downs of daily life. 2020 required constant adaptation to new guidelines and expectations as well as a persistent reevaluation of ourselves and biases. It was a year marked by growth all around.

From a leadership standpoint, 2020 was a long dodgeball game, where it felt like there was never enough time for the adrenaline rush to fall before the next challenge arose. Any plan or strategy had to be made up-on the fly and in response to whatever was coming your way instead of sitting back and planning like a game of chess (anyone else been watching the Queen’s Gambit?!). However, this past year has revealed to me the brilliance that lies in the smallest moments and the potential that has yet to be tapped.

As we peek into what 2021 holds, I am hopeful; hopeful that the hardships that opened 2020 will close and be used as a foundational lesson for decisions in the future, hopeful that we will all redefine what life looks like, filling it with the little joys that it once held.

Sorority life around here will continue to look different than the typical expectations, with virtual and hybrid fashioned sisterhood, social, and other chapter events. Now that we are fully moved into our new, big, beautiful house, we are well accustomed to holding reduced capacity and physically distanced chapter events and will continue to do so to protect the health and safety of all members. While I cannot answer all questions that this upcoming semester presents, rest assured that the membership experience will still uphold the same enriching root. I am confident in the ability of my Executive Board, sisters, and House Mom to provide the transformative dimensions of sisterhood that are so characteristic of our chapter.

My challenge to all as we step into the new year and the new semester is to find ways to foster relational excellence, showcasing a newfound level of whatever quality you feel is lacking in your relationships. Personally, I am going to work on spontaneity, learning to jump with a big YES when an opportunity presents itself, even if I haven’t had time to prepare. That is where the little radiant moments are found.

Stay safe and I am wishing you all a happy and healthy new year! May it be everything you need and more.

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