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Annabelle Wiechens AC'20: ADPi's in the Big Apple

Hi everyone!! :) My name is Annabelle Wiechens and I’m from Ocala, Florida. I am a rising senior in AC ‘20 majoring in Marketing and getting my Masters in International Business. This summer I have had the amazing opportunity

to move to New York City and intern for Supergoop! I have always been interested in working in the skincare/beauty industry, so getting this position was a dream for me 🥲 I have been working on the Brand Marketing team as an Influencer Marketing & Communications intern. I have learned so much, met a lot of amazing people, and gained invaluable experience.

When I accepted this position, I was so excited to move to New York, but it was also very overwhelming. I had about a month and half to figure where I was living, who I was living with, and what brand marketing even was. But having my friends who were going through the same thing to talk to and figure things out together made it way less stressful.

Being from Florida and going to school in-state made going to UF comfortable for me, and I had never lived in a big city like this before. Being able to lean on my friends from ADPi has made my experience 10x better and made us that much closer to one another. I am so grateful to get to explore the city together with so many ADPis– from trying new workout classes, to spontaneous trips to New Jersey, and finding the best rooftop views– I know these are memories that I will never forget! Being apart of the Panhellenic community made an intimidating city feel like home (and even met a few ADPis within my company!) <3

Another part of this has been building my long distance friendships. During the school year and most of the summers before this, I was constantly surrounded by my best friends– especially after living in house this past year. This summer, most of my closest friends are all in different cities, all doing amazing things and having the coolest experiences!! Being apart from each other had made it that much more special to connect whether it be a quick FaceTime, sending paragraphs on Imessage, or even getting to visit one another for a weekend. It is so special to be able to stay close with your friends even when you aren’t physically together. Having this support system ADPi gave me is something I will forever cherish and has made me so excited for my last year at UF. I am so lucky to have friends that check in with each other, celebrate all of the little things, push each other to be better, and most of all make me proud to know them.

I can confidently say that taking the risk this summer to move to a new city with a role I didn’t quite feel qualified for was so worth it. I have grown in so many ways – personally, professionally, and most importantly in my relationships. I hope you all lean on each other as you go through changes in your life, trust me it makes it that much easier🤍

PS: Wear your sunscreen 🌞

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