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Kushi Alluri AC'20 & Tanya Thayver AC'21 :: Perfect Pairs, Entry 1

Hey everyone! My name is Kushi and I am an AC’20 majoring in Marketing here at UF. I came into my freshman year with no friends from high school and decided to do recruitment to meet new people that I could share my college experience with. Little did I know that rushing would bring me to one of my favorite people <3

I met Tanya during my sophomore year recruitment. It was my first time as a recruiter and I was nervous about making sure I was representing ADPi in the right way. All of my nerves went away when Tanya walked in the door with her bright smile. Talking to her felt like talking to a longtime friend and before I knew it the 7 minutes were up and we had to say goodbye. I remember accidentally telling her I loved her and praying that it didn't scare off. Once the party was over, I ran and told all my friends that I thought I just found my little. Little did I know I was right. I could not have been happier to see her on the lawn on bid day.

One of my favorite memories of us is reverse big little night when we dressed up as toothpaste and a toothbrush and walked around Gainesville not caring what anyone else thought of us. My favorite thing to do with her is catching up over breakfast and hearing about each others crazy stories. Tanya is truly one of a kind and I feel so lucky that ADPi has brought me to her. Watching her grow up and become the person she is today has been so rewarding and I can’t wait to make memories with her for a lifetime <3


Hey! My name is Tanya Thayver, I’m in AC’21 and my major is management production, media, and technology. Kushi and I met during round one of recruitment. She bumped in on me and we immediately connected like we had already known each other forever. She ended up preffing me, and when I tell you I am not an emotional person, I am not. However, she brought out a side of me that I had never seen before. Apparently, after our round 1 conversation, she took a picture of herself saying “I think I just found my little” and, fast forward a few weeks, that turned out to be true.

During my first few weeks as an ADPi, we were paired with older girls to find a big, called "buddies". Throughout the buddy process, I never got Kushi as a buddy because she wanted me to have the opportunity to meet other people in her alpha class. During big little week though, I vividly remember walking into her room and seeing my basket that I was supposed to receive the next day. I was beyond excited to have her as my big and she truly is the older sister (even though I am older than her) I never had.

Some of my best memories with her would have to be Nashville road trip, our fun times at date functions, getting brunch together, and our big little reveal. She has taught me so much, and I look up to her. I truly am blessed to have someone as great as Kushi in my life and I will forever be grateful to ADPi for bringing me to her.

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