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Channing Stall AC'22 :: Freshman Fall Brings Forever Friends

Hi, my name is Channing Stall and I am from Atlanta, Georgia. I am currently a freshman studying finance. I am in AC ’22 and I serve as my Alpha class’s president. I never imagined myself attending the University of Florida, but I did always know I wanted to be a part of the kind of sisterhood you find in a sorority. Since coming to UF I have fallen in love with the school, people, and of course, my favorite out of them all, ADPi.

Words cannot describe the love I feel towards all the girls I have met and have yet to meet in ADPi so far. Being from out of state, it was important for me to find 'my people' because I knew that I didn’t have anybody else to fall back on at such a large school. It is safe to say that I have found the people that I will call my forever friends and that I am continuing to build new relationships every day. From the big festivities like bid day, gamedays, and big/ little, to the everyday moments like meals, walks to the house, and meetings, I see the bright light that shines out of everybody in the sisterhood. I find it mind-boggling that there can be so many accomplished, genuine, and kind women that I get to be around and call my friends, but somehow that is the beautiful world I am living in. One of my favorite memories so far was big/ little and the week leading up to it. My big absolutely outdid herself in all aspects of the week including baskets, pledges singing to me, and the reveal. I truly felt like I had just gained a family away from home when I saw Jane, Erin, and Sophie’s faces after I turned around on bid day. They had the most perfect and incredible night planned for me, which of course included Jane and I’s favorite dinner- El Indio. I am so grateful for the women I get to call my family in ADPi because they truly have my back no matter what I am going through.

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