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Haley Chalich AC'21 :: A Love Letter to Maddy

Hi, y’all! My name is Haley Chalich, I'm in AC’ 21, originally from Vienna, Virginia, but living in Fort Lauderdale now. I’m currently studying to apply to the 3-2 accounting program through Fisher School of Accounting and I’m hoping to study abroad! I’ve been spending my summer working at a dockside restaurant and trying new Las Olas restaurants. But as much as I love hitting the beach, I’ve missed coffee dates and studying in the Diamond Room with the friends I've made in ADPi, and I’ve especially missed my future roommate, Maddy Dwyer.

To Maddy ♡

It is currently 2:35 AM, and I am writing this letter to you two nights before we officially start sleeping 8 feet away from each other. I can’t believe it has been almost a year since we met because it seems like I've known you my whole life. When I moved away from Virginia after I graduated and decided to go to a big out-of-state school, I was so nervous about finding people I fit in with. Rushing ADPi was amazing because immediately I had a whole house of girls I could lean on, but when we clicked I knew I had a safe space.

When I think of our best Maddy and Haley moments, I imagine sitting on the Broward dorm floor eating ramen at 1 AM and watching old kid movies. My favorite memories are our crazy date function costumes and going to the library in them afterward and hometown dates. There’s no one else I would rather drive to Ocala with to get a tattoo on a random Sunday afternoon or scream-sing the entire Speak Now album with. I love driving 2 hours across Florida after a 3-minute phone call just to make it to watch the sunset or decide to go sky diving with. You make life 1000 times brighter and I’m so excited for chapter 2 of college. Thank you ADPi for bringing me my best friend.

Love, Haley

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