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Julia Cury AC'21 :: Checking My Privilege

Hi! I am Julia Cury. I am an AC '21 from Jacksonville, Florida. I am a marketing major with a minor in sustainability. I am a freshman at the University of Florida so my involvement now is somewhat limited. I am involved in the Heavener Leadership Challenge and Co-chair for the family weekend position in Alpha Delta Pi. However, in high school, a large portion of my time was spent in leadership positions through my school and volunteering through a multitude of organizations. Throughout my life, I have been given so many opportunities for success. At one point, I had not even realized how easily these things were handed to me and those around me. However, when I entered high school, I started to finally gain a sense of the way these privileges have affected my life. I started to realize how certain things I had access to growing up were not given to everyone. Along with this, I started to realize how important it is to give back some of what you are given and to educate yourself and those around you about the injustices and lack of equality in our society. I began seeking out sources of unbiased information for inequality shown in our world today. Then I decided to act on this information. I started with simple tasks such as spreading knowledge to classmates, friends, and family. I also channeled my volunteer efforts into this passion. Finally, I spoke out in larger ways, joining peaceful protests for efforts such as the Washington DC Women’s March. These experiences all brought life-changing realizations to me. I really found the meaning of the saying “check your privilege” at this time in my life. In an individual’s life, I believe it is a duty to constantly continue educating oneself and help those less fortunate when able. However, it is also important for large organizations to constantly push out injustice and support a healthy environment for learning and growth. It is important for those of all backgrounds to feel welcome and I think Alpha Delta Pi has done just this. In my short time as a member, I have seen so much healthy growth and information passed on to all members. I praise the DEI committee (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) for all of their hard work and the work they continue to put in. I think that as individuals, we must only continue growing as the world continues to change. I pride myself on being involved in Alpha Delta Pi, as it is an organization that plans on changing with it.

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