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Katherine Resavage AC'19 :: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pi's, Entry 3

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Hey everyone!

I’m Katherine Resavage and I’m in AC ’19. I’m going into my senior year as an accounting major, and will get my Master’s in Accounting at UF next year. Outside of hanging with my friends in ADPi, I work as a CAP mentor and serve as a BUMP mentor in the business school.

I recently got back from studying abroad in Florence, Italy for 6 weeks with some of my friends in ADPi. It was the experience of a lifetime, and I’m so grateful I was able to create and share these memories with other girls in my pledge class. There were 6 of us living in an apartment together in Florence, and our time abroad brought us so much closer. We all lived in different places this past school year, but all knew each other from our pledge class and decided to room together in Italy. I’m so grateful we all shared ADPi together, and were then able to grow in our friendships as we travelled Italy together.

We went to class, museums, markets, dinners, cities, and countries together. We shared so many fun adventures together, from paragliding in Switzerland to gondola rides in Venice to dinners overlooking the Amalfi coast and everything in between. We laughed until our abs hurt, and worked together to find trains to take us back home when our travel plans didn’t go our way. I’m so grateful to have been able to visit so many wonderful places, but my favorite part of my trip was getting closer with my friends in ADPi and making these memories with them. I know we will recount them over again to each other and laugh as we look back on our trip for a long time.

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