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Rylee Jarmolych AC'21 :: Puerto Rico with the Pi's

Hey guys! My name is Rylee Jarmolych and I am an AC’21. I grew up in Clearwater, Florida, so naturally I am a total beach bum. I also absolutely love traveling, so you could probably guess that spring break is one of my favorite times of year! Back in January, my friend Sydney Stelly randomly asked me and our friend Brooke Davi if we would be interested in going to Puerto Rico for spring break to surf and explore for the week. I immediately was thrilled at the idea and was very hopeful that it would pan out. Luckily for us, it did.

The week of spring break, Sydney, Brooke, and I flew out to Puerto Rico with a few other friends. We rented surfboards, a mini van, and a little air BNB on the beach and had what I would say was one of the best weeks of my life. We hiked to viewpoints and waterfalls, surfed at a few famous surf spots, and ate delicious food. I still smile when I look back on the photos and videos.

Seeing Puerto Rico was an incredible experience all on its own, but I got something else out of this trip that was invaluable as well. Before college I could not even imagine what it was like to know girls who would be down to hop on a plane with me and live in a shack on the ocean for a week. Finding these girls has made me feel so relieved and excited and at peace. If ADPi were to bring me nothing else besides this experience, it would still be more than enough..

Adios 👋🏻

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