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Sydney Stelly AC '21 :: Reaching Out in ADPi

What's up! I’m Sydney Stelly. I’m an AC’ 21 studying Economics and Advertising, and I’m involved in the Florida Running Club and Surf Club. I’m from the wonderful city of Jacksonville Beach and I’ve been spending my summer working for Red Bull and trying to improve my surfing as much as I can. However, I can’t say I don’t miss UF and ADPi. In high school I swore off joining a sorority. I didn’t think I needed to be in one; I was coming into college with plenty of friends and I was comfortable where I was. Recruitment was scary and nerve wracking, but I don’t regret it one bit. Without ADPi, I wouldn’t have met my best friends and I certainly wouldn’t be living the same awesome life I’m living right now.

I wanted to take this time to tell you about how ADPi has taught me how to live the best life. The secret? Reach out to others, and know your worth! ADPi has given me some of the greatest friendships, and I wouldn’t have gotten them if I hadn’t said YOLO and reached out to a girl I barely knew. Bid day may have been one of the scariest days of my life, but when I introduced myself to Rylee Jarmolych, I had no idea that we would be on a plane together months later in Puerto Rico. If Brooke Davi and I had never reached out to get coffee together, then I would never have gotten to sit next to her at the Florida-Georgia game. And if I never had sat next to Izzy in class- a girl in a different PC that I barely knew- then forget us ever sitting together at meals…

That being said, don’t ever let a simple “no” put you down! Know your worth and try someone else! You never know who is bored and is dying to go get some Opus coffee or go on a hot girl walk. In the end they could end up being your future roommate, best friend, bridesmaid, you name it! ADPi has shown me how to be confident enough in myself to reach out to others in order to experience new things and make lasting friendships.

Now get out there and make some new friends! :)

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