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Vlada Pitner AC'22 :: A Warm Welcome to My New Home

Hi everyone! My name is Vlada Pitner and I am a sophomore advertising major. I am in AC 22. To start, a little bit about me is that a big part of my life is traveling. Over summers, I work as a camp counselor abroad. For instance, this summer I was in Peru and Costa Rica

leading travel and service trips for high schoolers. I am so grateful to be able to have such unique experiences with travel and to be able to share my stories and lessons with others. With that, I love to be involved with surf club at UF and the Unlitter UF club. I am very interested in environmental conservation, as well as ecotourism. I am a huge lover of the outdoors.

Going through recruitment as a sophomore was very nerve-racking for me, I was nervous that I was too old. I regretted not going through recruitment my freshman year because I struggled finding a place where I felt seen and heard. I really wanted to be part of something meaningful. During my search for a community at UF, I found Alpha Delta Pi, and it felt like home to me.

Big little reveal has been the most impactful event to me so far in my experience being in ADPi. The entirety of reveal week was so exciting! I felt so cared for and each surprise from my big was so thought out and extremely personal. I had hopes of who my big would be and I was so excited to discover that my wishes would come true. My big, Rylee Jarmolych (AC'21), has been the person to solidify my security of feeling at home at ADPi. Meeting someone who completely understands me and has the same hobbies as I do was very comforting. I am so close with my friends back home and Rylee gave me that sense of familiarity that I yearned for in college. I can not wait to make memories with her and the rest of my new friends in ADPi in the years to come!

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